One on One 

What could be more important in business than communication? At LawTag we understand that charm, social savvy, and likeability all factor into corporate success. But it is impossible to let your personality shine, if you cannot express yourself well in words. 

Our teachers can help. All LawTag teachers are qualified to master’s degree level. They’ve spent their careers helping students of all backgrounds better express themselves.  

Whether you need to brush up on industry-specific jargon, hone your telephone (or Zoom/Skype) etiquette, improve your interviewing or negotiating skills, the Business Skills course is right for you.   

What can I expect: 

Your teacher will start by assessing the skills you already possess and determining your current level of English. They will then work with you to draw up a learning plan – setting measurable milestones to guide your learning and development. Our teachers understand that you are a professional. And they are professionals too. Expect to attend a well-designed lesson with specific goals and challenging materials.  

Your teacher will help you understand the subtleties of what to say and what not to say in different scenarios. By challenging you with a variety of tasks, your teacher will help you build on your existing skills while you acquire new skills that you can use with confidence. We’re so glad that you’re bringing your business expertise to the English-speaking world! And we’d be honoured to help along the way.  

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