One on One 

Public speaking is daunting. Do you need to speak in front of a group of investors? Or communicate nuanced information to a team of co-workers? Maybe you need to pitch an idea to your boss. Or defend an academic dissertation. Perhaps you’ve joined a hobby group and want to wow them with your knowledge. Whatever it may be, you need to be sure that your presentation skills are sharp.  

LawTag can help. Our teachers have been teaching English to students of all backgrounds for years. They know that speaking in your second (or third, or fourth!) language only adds to the stress of speaking in front of others. They are prepared to help you improve. 

Our teachers create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, but they will challenge you when needed. LawTag teachers won’t mind being your guineapigs! We want you to practice your presentations on us! But unlike a real-life audience, we’ll be ready to provide with clear and actionable feedback – helping you improve wherever you can. 

What can I expect:

Your teacher will start by assessing your presentation skills and determining your current level of English. They will then draw-up a learning plan – setting goals and highlighting areas of focus along the way. Your course will help you acquire useful presentation techniques and help you leave behind the less useful ones.   

Each class will provide you with the opportunity to deal with a topic of your choice. Your teacher will also prescribe topics on specific issues to challenge you and to support your continuous learning and development. In each session with your teacher, you will work together to sharpen the core skills involved in public speaking.  

Expect to hear from your teacher outside of class too! We’re committed to your success and encourage you to stay in-touch, even outside of your hourly-lessons.    

If you need to improve your language-skills for your career (or for entering an academic-, or another specific environment), the Presentation Skills course will provide you with the opportunity to expand your vocabulary, to learn jargon and to improve your general fluency. We’ll give you lots of homework too, so be prepared to work hard! Our ultimately goal is to celebrate with you when you deliver that killer presentation. 

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