One on One 

Do you need to take a PTE to get a visa, or to prove your English level to an immigration body or prospective employer? At LawTag we understand that nobody would sit the PTE just for kicks. Your reasons for taking this test are important. And we want to help you ace it.    

LawTag teachers have years of combined experience in preparing students to take their PTE. Our teachers are all qualified to master’s degree level. You can expect a friendly and warm classroom environment. But you will definitely be challenged too! Our teachers want you to make measurable and sustainable progress. We want you to feel ready and confident on the day you take your PTE. We want to celebrate with you when you get a top score! 

What to expect:  

You will be assigned a teacher who understands the PTE. They will start your first class by asking you questions to help them see what your current English level is. They will also want to chat about your reasons for taking this test and about which PTE you need to take – making sure they actually help you reach your specific goals, is very important to LawTag teachers.  

You teacher will identify what you need to improve on to pass your PTE. They will work with you to design a tailormade learning plan. Specifically for your personality and your needs!You and your teacher will work at a comfortable but effective pace, until you are both 100% that you will get the score you want and deserve. 

You can expect your teacher to challenge you with creative lessons that will expand your vocabulary and sharpen your communication skills. They will also use tried-and-tested exam-preparation techniques and continuous error-correction. Expect to get some homework and feel free to chat with your teacher even when you do not have a class scheduled! We’re committed to helping and supporting you for as long as you are our student.  

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