LawTag™ English specialises in English for the world of work and key English language exams for professionals and academics.  

Our educators

Henali Kuit


Henali is a passionate teacher who has an interest in conversational fluency, accent reduction, business English and for specific purposes as well as phonics and writing skills. Her degree in English Studies from Pretoria and Master's in Creative Writing from Rhodes have equipped her with the understanding of how to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the classroom and plan lessons around learning-goals

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Claire McKernan


Claire is an attentive teacher who has an interest in business English and literature. Her bachelor's degree in English Literature and Masters in Literary Studies from Queen’s University have equipped her with strong analysis skills and excellent communication skills that she applies to her work and strives to pass on to her students. She is also keen on the exploration of female identity in the past and how this has influenced the present.

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Sarah Emily Johnson


Sarah is a motivated teacher who has an interest in English for Specific purposes, English for health and nutrition and English for global communication. Her degree in Food and Nutrition from Teesside and Masters from Copenhagen have equipped her with a deep understanding of the Food and Health sector that she applies to her classes and teaching. She is also keen on the exploration of unlocking inter-community communication through language.

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our values


A student-centered approach where we build relationships with students to directly cater to their individual learning needs.


We recognise various cultures, values and circumstances and embrace diversity through fairness, sensitivity and acceptance.


We proactively and patiently support students to recognise their potential and seamlessly reach their goals.


We are dedicated to providing students with an optimised learning experience that is informed by up-to-date research and specialised expertise.


We place emphasis on being polite and well-mannered to create a working atmosphere that is friendly and approachable.


We place utmost importance in doing the right thing for both our business and our clients. We always act empathetically and work towards reaching the best compromises.


How do I book my classes?

Once you have purchased a package, you will receive a membership number. This number should be inputted in the class registration form for your booking to be successful.

Is everything online?

Your classes, your teacher, your material are all found online.  The layout is simple and easy to navigate so that you can focus on what is important: your learning.

I don't know what class to choose?

Visit this page for more information about each of the classes or get in touch with us directly. We will be happy to help you!

Can I change classes?

You can.  The learning is designed for you and you are the one who decides your learning path. Go from Business English to English for Specific Purposes or focus solely on speaking.  You choose always.

How does the credit and package system work?

Each credit you purchase counts for 1 class. You can use up your credits in any combination of classes you would like. Each package must be used within a set number of days from purchase.

How early can I book my classes?

The light and moderate package can be purchased up to 7 days in advance of your chosen start date. The intensive package can be purchased up to 14 days in advance of your chosen start date.

Are you running a promotion?

There might be more than one particular promotion running at a given time, so maybe!  If you came to us via a specific one, just let us know and we will ensure you get the discount you deserve!

Is LawTag™ English your full company name?

We are part of Glueball XYZ Ltd :)

Who are your teachers?

We are very careful about who we choose to teach for us; if they are here it's because we understood their core values, respect their teaching abilities and who they are as people.

All our teachers are minimum Master's qualified and are trained to teach learner of any mother tongue. They are also specialists in their fields.

So rest assured, you are in good hands :)

How do refunds work?

If for any reason you need to stop your classes, you will receive a refund for the unused and remaining hours of study you have paid for.  For example if you were into your second month of a monthly plan and had to leave after 6 weeks instead of 8, you would receive a refund for the remaining 2 weeks.  We hope this does not need to happen! 

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