Tote Bag

A bag just in case. This classic tote bag carries your groceries, text books and everything else you can easily strap around your shoulders. Handle length: approx 12” (30cm) Holding capacity: 10 litres Light consistency: 140 g/m² Fabrics: 100% cotton



Drawstring Bag

Essentials for the gym and short trips. This simple and stylish little specimen is ideally suited to easily store away the essentials. Put it on your back and you won’t even notice it’s there when out on short excursions or bike trips and roaming the urban jungle. Handy drawstring mechanism for easy opening and closing 12 litres holding capacity Quality: 130 g/m² 100% cotton



Shoulder bag

Keep a green conscience. This easy-going shoulder bag is a stylish companion for trips to the college, the shopping centre and any other every-day activity. And you can always show off your green conscience. Light weaved product made of 100% recycled raw material (weight: 220g/m²) Bottom and side fold for more storage room, width 4cm (approx. 2”) broad carrying handle, Length 80cm (approx. 32”) Snap fastener Material: 60% cotton (from organic production), 40% polyester from recycled materials



Duffel bag

A holdall to carry on your gym gear. This big duffel bag really holds all you need to carry when going to the gym, football training or other leisure activities. And it’s light as a feather. With contrasting handles and zipper Holding capacity: 60 litres) Fabrics: 100% polyester