What Are Business Skills?
Business skills refers to the communication skills used in the workplace, and centres on the language and skills needed for normal business communication. This could entail skills for negotiations, interviews, conversing with colleagues, presentations or report writing. It is important to target specific skills you need to strengthen in order to flourish in a working environment.

Communication And Negotiation 

You will need to communicate, negotiate and sustain relationships with your customers, suppliers, potential clients, and employees. This could entail expanding your vocabulary or improving your written and verbal communication skills to succeed in both social and professional interactions.

Telephone Skills 

Perhaps your job requires you to adopt a professional telephone manner to correspond with others. If this is the case, it is essential to adopt an excellent telephone etiquette that will enable you to communicate with potential customers and clients in a friendly and clear manner. It also means knowing how to leave a lasting impression with limited tools.

Interview Skills 

Interviewing allows you to interact with the interviewer and to present yourself as the best possible candidate for the job. Business English interview skills can be studied so that even in the most challenging job interview you can project yourself as professional, confident and well prepared. This entails preparing for and answering the most common interview questions, as well as talking about your experience in the field.

Conversing In The Workplace 

Discussions in the workplace are a major and integral part of any working day. It is vital to have the skills to participate in basic conversation with your colleagues in a working environment. Business English dialogues and skills can help you navigate working life with ease and confidence. Developing these skills will help you build and sustain strong professional relationships with your colleagues.

How Can I Develop My Business Skills? 

Our classes are designed to prepare you to communicate effectively in English in professional contexts. You will broaden your English vocabulary, develop your written and spoken English in both social and professional interactions. We will aid you in acquiring skills that you can apply to business conversations and meetings, telephone interactions, report writing, interviews, and professional presentations. Firstly, your teacher will start by determining your current level of English and the general standard of your business skills. The necessary steps will then be taken to accommodate your specific needs and the areas in which you are seeking to develop. Ultimately, by acquiring a myriad of new skills, you will be able to effectively and fluently communicate in English during everyday workplace scenarios.

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