Navigating Difficult Situations In The Workplace

High levels of productivity is a direct result of a peaceful working environment. It is important to know that you may not be in control of some challenging situations that arise in the workplace, but you can choose how you react to them.

1) Gossiping / Bullying
This is a common scenario in a working environment. In order to integrate with some cliques in the workplace, you may be asked to engage in gossip as a method of bonding with your colleagues. They may encourage you to talk behind someones back or use tactics to undermine a co-worker. This could result in alienating your co-worker, and could damage your relationships with others in the workplace. Gossiping can also breed toxicity and affect a colleagues morale.

You can deal with this situation by refraining from engaging in gossip. This could entail changing the topic of conversation or being candid about your unwillingness to talk badly about other co-workers. You may feel that the only way you can gain friends in the workplace is to gossip with them, but by refusing to do so, you will actually raise your value and gauge respect from them.

2) You Are Overwhelmed With Your Workload
At the start of a job role, it is tempting to take on extra work to impress your boss and appear as though you are organised and reliable. However, sometimes this leads to people in the workplace taking advantage of your willingness to carry out extra work.

As you gain the reputation of being a hard worker, your colleagues may even attempt to assign you their tasks to do. While this seems productive at first, it can actually lead to burn out and a build up of stress. If you find yourself overwhelmed with a mountain of tasks, you need to set clear and concise boundaries with your boss and colleagues. Let them know that you are sticking to the tasks that align with your job description and that you are prioritising your mental health by doing so

3) You Have Had A Disagreement With A Colleague

When you are in a tense and stressful environment for quite some time, there is a strong possibility that you will find yourself in an argument with a colleague. Whilst it is healthy to engage in productive conflict, it is unhealthy to get into conflict that will impact your mental health. It could be that your colleague criticises your work or simply that there is a clash of personalities in the workplace.

Do not react with rage or anger and take a deep breath before assessing the situation. Reacting negatively can actually escalate the situation further result in irreparable damage. Recognise that we all have different opinions and beliefs so you need to control your emotions and handle the situation correctly.

Also, it is important that you do not avoid your colleague as you will still be sharing a workspace. You can solve the issue by having a private conversation and allowing both points of view to be translated. This is the best way to find a solution that works best for both of you.

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