Why Is Listening Important In The Workplace? 

Actively listening is vital to clear and effective communication in the workplace. It entails making a conscious effort to actively engage with the information that someone is telling you rather than passively hearing and not retaining the information. 

Listening To Your Colleagues 

It is frustrating to work with someone who doesn’t listen and could lead to people actually avoiding that person in the workplace. It can also lead to unnecessary tension and misunderstandings. This is why it is important to listen to your co-workers point of view by understanding them and reacting appropriately. If you focus and pay attention to your colleagues, you build a rapport with them by making them feel valued and interesting. It is a powerful and effective way to connect with them as well as showing how much you respect them. 

Listening To Your Boss 

Actively listening to your boss is a respectful and professional way of both receiving feedback and communicating with your employer. Studies have shown that also increases productivity in the workplace and allows you to be more efficient and effective in a professional environment. For example, it allows you to gauge a detailed idea of your boss’ ideas and vision for the company. 

Listening To Your Employees  

Listening to any struggles your employees have can enhance your relationship with them. It is a brilliant way to encourage their ideas and plans. It reveals that you are invested in their contributions to the workplace. It also creates an identity for the boss as someone who is approachable and proactive in the lives of their employees. 

Things To Avoid 

Being distracted when someone is speaking Interrupting them Making rude comments Dismissing their opinion Focus on what they are saying instead of immediately thinking of ways to respond 

Things To Implement 

Maintain eye contact Mirror their body language Ask them questions Repeat things they have said back to them in different words

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