It is estimated that we spend around 1/3 of our life in the workplace. In this time we are working, in business meetings and carrying out tasks and projects. This is why it’s so difficult to spend quality time with colleagues in the workplace and forge solid working relationships.

How Can We Spend Quality Time With Our Colleagues?

There is a notable difference between quality and quantity with regard to spending time with your colleagues. It’s important to have meaningful interactions and conversations with those who you work with instead of spending large unproductive chunks of time with them. This could take the form of organising a lunch or meeting with your team. If you spend quality time with your colleagues, you must be fully engaged with them and give them your undivided attention. If your attention is diverted or you are distracted, your colleague may feel unimportant. You should also invited your colleague to share their opinions and thoughts rather than dominating the conversation yourself. Mutual participation in a conversation is important to create a rapport with your colleagues.

What Benefits Will Implementing Quality Time Have In The Workplace?

By spending time with your colleagues they will feel connected, valued and appreciated. There are many long term benefits to spending quality time with your colleagues. Creating a positive work environment will also elevate levels of engagement and loyalty.

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