If you are a professional working in law, science, academia, medicine, engineering, programming, etc., you’ve spent years becoming an expert in a very challenging field. LawTag is here to help you meet your next challenge: the English-speaking world. We offer bespoke training in specific skills, like negotiation, remote team-management, construction-site English, industry-specific exam preparation, and more.  

We appreciate that you want to share your valuable expertise with English speakers. And we understand the challenges that come with using your highly specialised skills in your second- or third language. Perhaps you need to pass the TOLES to advance your law career. You may be a doctor relocating to an English-speaking location. Or you are an entrepreneur negotiating contracts in high-pressure settings. LawTag’s teachers are qualified to master’s degree level and have years of combined experience in helping students in these and other fields. We offer tailormade lessons that will ensure consistent and measurable progress. 

Contact us: info@lawtag-english.com  or head to our pricing page to get started: https://www.lawtag-english.com/pricing