Individual or group classes designed to your specifications

Several soft skills are required to successfully operate in the business world and these will all be addressed in your classes.

You will learn what to say and what not to say in different scenarios and improve your knowledge and skills through a variety of tasks and activities.

Presenting can be daunting at times. Whether you need to speak in front of a group of investors or need to communicate key-information to your team, sharp presentation skills are an asset and significantly increase your chances of succeeding in your field. 

Each class will provide you with the opportunity to deal with a topic of your choice. Your teacher will also prescribe topics on specific issues to challenge you and to support your continuous learning and development. In each session with your teacher, you will work together to sharpen the core skills involved in presentation.  

If you need to improve your language-skills for your career (or for entering an academic-, or another specific environment), the Presentation Skills course will provide you with the opportunity to expand your vocabulary, to learn jargon and to improve your general fluency. 

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