Sarah Emily Johnson

Sarah Emily Johnson

Sarah is a motivated teacher who has an interest in English for Specific purposes, English for health and nutrition and English for global communication. Her degree in Food and Nutrition from Teesside and Masters from Copenhagen have equipped her with a deep understanding of the Food and Health sector that she applies to her classes and teaching. She is also keen on the exploration of unlocking inter-community communication through language.

Why English?
English is a Lingua Franca, meaning that it is used as global means of inter-community communication. I am passionate about my native tongue and the possibilities it can unlock.

Why teaching?
I've always been passionate about effective communication, and that starts with the correct use of language. I want to share this enthusiasm and inspire others to learn and improve their English, to better their prospects. By being able to have a firm grasp on the language, so many doors can be opened. 

Some of your favourite English words and phrases
'wrap your head around something' this sentence provides such a great visual of the act of trying to understand something. I visualise my brain wrapping around a textbook! 

'the early bird gets the worm' again, another great visual phrases. If we rise early, who knows what we can achieve!

Effervescent - I first learnt this word in my science lessons, and I believe it's such a beautiful word to say, with so many syllables at the front of the mouth. 

Your favourite place
My favourite place is Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

Your favourite book
My favourite book is the The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. 

What are you most likely to be doing when you are not working?
When I'm not working, I'm mostly likely with my friends doing a sport of some kind. I love to cycle, climb, and play badminton. Searching out tasty new places to eat is also a fun pastime of mine.