One on One 

In the modern world, being a successful businessperson involves so much more than the mere exchange of goods and services. LawTag knows that the corporate world demands clear, friendly and personable communication. What good is having great ideas, if you cannot communicate them? How can you manage a team, if they cannot understand you? In an increasingly global world, Business English skills are becoming indispensable. And the Cambridge Business Exam is the key to proving your Business English competency.  

LawTag teachers are prepared to help you sit this exam, whether you are pursuing the Business B1, B2 or C1. Our teachers are all qualified to master’s degree level. They pride themselves on creating excellent rapport with their students. They know that the Cambridge Business exams are really difficult, but also really valuable. And they want to see you get the top result you need to advance your career. 

What can you expect: 

You will be assigned a teacher with Business English experience. This is a difficult field for many teachers, so it is important for us that you are paired with a seasoned teacher.  

Your teacher will begin by assessing your level and ascertaining your needs. They will also identify any weaknesses or areas that require special attention. This will help them draw up a learning plan to ensure your progress. During your one-on-one lessons, your teacher will come to have a solid understanding of your skill-profile. This means they will be able to follow a realistic plan – building on skills you already have while working on skills that need to be sharpened.  

Expect to get homework and for your teacher to check in with you often. We are committed to supporting you for as long as you are with us. And we want to meet your specific needs. Each student is unique and LawTag teachers are flexible. You will be encouraged to give feedback so that we can ensure that your lessons are working for you. Our ultimate goal is to see you pass your Cambridge Business exam the first time, with flying colours.  

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