One on One 

The world is you oyster once you pass one of the prestigious Cambridge exams! Whether you are pursuing the Academic A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2, LawTag is ready to help you get the result you need to start you on your way to the university or career of your dreams. 

Our teachers all have experience in exam preparation, and they are all qualified to master’s degree level. They understand just how challenging the Cambridge exams can be. You can expect a friendly and stress-fee classroom environment – but that doesn’t mean you won’t be challenged! Our mission is to see you exam-ready and confident by the end of your time with us.  

What to expect:  

You will be assigned a teacher with an experience-profile that aligns with your needs and learning-style. It is very important to us that you like your teacher and enjoy their lessons. We want you to have fun – even when you’re studying difficult material. 

In the first lesson, you teacher will begin by assessing your current level. They will then ascertain your needs and identify areas that need work. In order to pass one of the Cambridge exams, you need to be 100% sure that each of your four core skills are up to scratch. Your teacher will tell you where you are lacking, and they will give you the tools to improve.  

You and your teacher will decide on learning plan together. In your lessons you will hone your writing, listening, and speaking skills. LawTag teachers use continuous error correction to help students get rid of bad habits and acquire good ones. You can expect to be challenged with creative and effective exam-preparation exercises.  

We’ll also be giving you homework. We want to ensure that you pass your exam with flying colours even if it takes hard work and dedication. We are committed to being there for you every step of the way – not only during your lesson-hours – so expect to hear from your teacher often. 

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