One on One

If you need to take the IELTS or TOEFL because you are moving to another country, or because you want to get into the university of your dreams, you know just how important careful preparation is. Going into the IELTS or TOEFL ill prepared would be a waste of your time and money. 

LawTag teachers know that the stakes are high for you. We want to help you feel confident and ready to sit your exam. We want you to get the best score possible. And we know how to get you there.  

LawTag teachers are all qualified to master’s degree level and have years of combined experience in test preparation. Our teachers are patient, engaged, creative and effective. You can expect them to keep you on your toes – to give you homework assignments and to check in with you throughout the day, even if you did not have a class scheduled.  

What to expect:  

Your teacher will start by assessing your language-level and ascertaining your needs. They will want to know which IELTS or TOEFL you are planning to take and why. Your teacher will let you know whether or not your current level of English is sufficient to sit the exam of your choice.   

Your teacher will then draw-up a learning plan. Do you have gaps in your knowledge? Are you lacking in one of the core skills? How long do you have to prepare for your exam? Do you suffer from test-anxiety? These (and more!) are all questions your teacher will consider when designing your tailor-made learning plan. 

From there on out, each moment of your course will be dedicated to acquiring the knowledge and skills you need to get you the score you want. Through exercises, scenario-training, continuous error-correction (and practice, practice, practice, of course!) your teacher will make sure that you progress steadily and sustainably. 

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