One on One

Do you work (or want to work) in fields like finance, engineering, insurance, academia, medicine, or law? Do you need to achieve a specific goal, like writing a dissertation or passing an English-language driving test? Or are you looking to join a hobby group, or undertake a passion project in English? Our teachers are here to help. 

Together, our teaching staff has years of diversified experience in helping student to succeed in the English-speaking world. Our lessons are bespoke. Our teachers pride themselves on taking the time they need to prepare for each and every lesson. We have no interest in presenting you with boring or stale learning material.  

What can you expect: 

Your teacher will want to chat about your goals and needs. They’ll ask about any previous experience you’ve had learning English for your specific purpose. 

We want to find a way for you to improve steadily. Your teacher will set out learning objectives and challenge you to meet them. Our teachers are friendly and easy-going, but they will keep you on your toes! With new material (tailormade to meet your needs) you will improve your grammar and expand your vocabulary.  

Expect to hear from your teacher often. A LawTag course is not just about the lessons. We want you to chat with us outside of class! We’ll hound you to do your homework too!  

With each lesson, we want to see you become more accustomed to dealing with new scenarios in English. As a result, you will be better prepared to tackle unforeseen situations in any environment you choose.  

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