One on One 

Learning a language is all about communication. Many students know a great deal about English grammar, but they still can’t speak well.  

LawTag is here to help. Our teachers have helped students of all backgrounds and levels take their communication skills from zero to hero. We understand just what a big difference good speaking skills can make. Clear, confident and natural-sounding communication is priceless. And we know how to get you there.  

Whether you need to speak confidently at work or in a new environment, or whether you are on your way to university and need to communicate clearly and with precision, a Spoken English course is the right option for you.   

What can I expect: 

In your first class together, your teacher will assess your current speaking level. They will also want to chat with you about your learning-style, needs, and likes and dislikes. Our lessons are tailormade. That means the content is designed for you and for your requirements.   

At the start, you and your teacher will work together to improve your pronunciation, intonation, and articulation. As you progress through the course, you will learn to use more and more advanced techniques and strategies. We want you to be able to communicate your ideas as effectively as you possibly can. Using pauses, discerning word-choices, body language, and gestures are all hugely important. Your teacher will challenge you to practice all of these.  

Expect to hear from your teacher regularly! We want to engage throughout your time with us – not only during your hour-long lessons. Our ultimate goal is to see you chat away in English confidently and with joy.   

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