Business and Presentation


Business English is an unexpectedly challenging field. It is not possible to fake expertise in a Business-English class. This is because Business-English students likely already know a great deal of jargon – but they struggle with sounding natural while using it.  

The stakes are often quite high for these students. They need to have a certain degree of fluency in order to advance their career. Some may even face discrimination or exclusion at work – and they know that being able to speak the same language as everyone else will make a huge difference to their daily lives.   

We know that most teachers have their students’ best interests at heart. You care for your students and want them to succeed. But it can be difficult to design and teach lessons that actually help your students see noticeable and consistent improvement. Especially in a specialized field, like Business English.  

LawTag’s Educator program can help you help your students. In weekly seminars our teacher-trainers take you through the hallmarks of a well-designed Business-English class. We discuss tried-and-tested teaching techniques and technologies. We also address blind spots Business-English teachers commonly have and work with you to avoid or overcome them. 

Many professionals also need to improve their public speaking. Their job might involve regularly pitching ideas or delivering presentations. The stress of speaking publicly in a foreign language can by overwhelming. But there is a way to calm public speaking jitters: preparation. Preparing a foreign-language student for a presentation requires a patient and supportive teacher and a well-designed lesson plan. LawTag’s Educator program will get you there.  In our weekly seminars we put you in your student’s shoes. We then discuss and workshop strategies of helping a student prepare a top-notch presentation.