Pronunciation, Elocution


For many foreign-language students, pronunciation is one of the most challenging aspects of mastering English. Correcting an adult student’s pronunciation can be especially difficult. Modelling the placement of the tongue in the mouth, or emphasising the difference between voiced- and unvoiced plosive, can feel awkward and uncomfortable. It’s not every day that your students focus their attention so closely on your mouth, after all!  

LawTag’s Educator program can help you learn the skills you need to be a confident and effective pronunciation coach. Together our teacher-trainers have years of experience in teaching: phonics, accent-reduction, intonation, and elocution.  We know what a difference a clear way of speaking can make to your student – and we want to help you help them. In our weekly seminars, our teacher-trainers cover common pronunciation errors. We also help you understand how you can address these errors without offending your student or knocking their confidence. We demonstrate techniques that we’ve found to be effective and give you a chance to try them in a supportive environment.